Cleaning Tank and pip, “for Diary industry” Cleaning in Place (CIP)

Cleaning Tank and pip, “for Diary industry” Cleaning in Place (CIP)

function of CIP tank

fixed portable



cip001.jpg cip001.jpg
  • num of lines

    single line ، double line ،

    Washing liquid

    alkali ، acid ، hot water ، Sterile water ،


    CIP control ، digital ،

    Lines Type

    forward ، return ،


    single phase ، three phase ،


    Touch Screen ، Automatic valves ، Circulating pump with adjustable speed and pressure ، System configurable for various conditions ، Intercept capability in event of a problem ، Full reporting of all CIP process ، Domestic and capacity indicator ، Connectivity to the system ، Precise temperature control with minimal tolerances using sensors ، 24 hours Temperature recorders and computer print ، exact percentage of alkali and acid control system ، ability to connect to core network ، ability to phone call to operator room ، Complete record of washing programs in computer memory ،

    after sales service

    Warranty ، guarantee ، installation ،

    manufacturer country

    Iran ،

  • Accurate and automatic cleaning of tanks, cooler pleat, piping, and valves of receiving and processing food products especially milk is an important principle in food industry. An important consideration in CIP plants is optimal energy use for heating detergents (soda- acid- water). Farasard Company designs CIP systems considering above points to provide all stages of cleaning in a simple and semi-automatic procedure (through opening and closing of some valves) for which programmed logical controls can be also added. A noticeable feature of CIP system is its heating with gas and gasoline and the possibility of installing the plant as an independent unite in milking and milk collecting unit. Sanitary cleaning is highly ensured using this plant and its life is significantly increased through its accurate design. Other advantage of this plant is material and stainless steel or especial propylene pipes used in the soda and acid tanks.

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