Evaporator Condenser

Evaporator Condenser

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function of condenser

surface condenser contact condenser

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  • cooling type

    evaporating ،

    condenser structure

    double tubes ،

    capacity ( ton )

    [15-450] ،

    after sales service

    Warranty ، installation ،

    manufacturer country

    Iran ،

  • Evaporator condenser units operate through a combination of two conventional function methods of air cooler and water cooler as their action mechanism. Give the climate of Iran and temperature changes in different seasons as well as difference in relative humidity, simultaneous use of water and air provides an excellent feature in this condensers. So, Farasard Company initiated development of evaporator condensers with the best materials applying its design and production capabilities. Seamless steel couplings with hot-dip galvanization or strong stainless steel plating (hot galvanized body), centrifuge or axial fans with proper anti-humidity aeration, spray ad PVC pipes with longer life are some of the features of these condensers. All parts of chassis and body are water resistant and little sediment is formed outer surface of couplings which can be removed easily and directed outside of the plant using especial descalers provided by the company. Evaporator condensers are developed in different designs based on the requirements and can be applied simultaneously for several cryogenic systems. Another advantage of condensers developed by Farasard Company is full screw connections of the body which provide easy access and can be replaced if required. Capacities of Farasard’s evaporator condensers ranges from 50kg to 500kg in a unified form with 18 months guaranty.

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