Fisheries industry

Fisheries industry

model of ice machine


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  • Ice Shape

    powder ،

    capacity (kg)

    50 ،

    operating type

    semi auto ،


    cool air ، cool water ،

    compressor type

    hermetic ، semi hermetic ،


    hot gas ،


    on-of ، PLC ،


    1 ، 3 ،

    Voltage (v)

    [220-380] ،


    Polyurethane ،

    body material

    stainless steel ، A.B.S ، plastic ،


    Commercial ،


    Control panel ، lockout to prevent unsupervised use ، Ice Scooper included ، The device has a sewage discharge ، with LCd display ، with automatic electric board ، with security sensors ، adjustable leveling legs ، cooling control system with expansion valve ، ice full alarming ، Security deposit is fully automatic machine system ،

    after sales service

    Warranty ، installation ،

    Power consumption (A)

    5.5 ،

    manufacturer country

    Iran ،

  • Fish
    Seafood is a rich source of food. Yet it is very perishable. The shelf-life of fresh fish can be determined by the speed of cooling the catch. The faster on ice, the longer the shelf life! Live fish is generally germ free, but as soon as it dies bacteria start ¬growing and the spoiling process ¬begins. Scientific research identified temperature control as the most critical factor to prevent fast degradation of the catch – or harvest in the case of fish farms.
    Quick chilling and bringing the fish down to the temperature of melting ice is the most effective way of keeping it fresh for a longer time.
    Thermostatic Effect and Preservation of the Cold Chain
    Whilst fish is in ice and its temperature has been reduced, bacteria growth is virtually non-existent. Melting ice with its temperature around 0 °C is ideal for fragile seafood. As long as they will remain in ice, the core temperature of fish stabilizes near 0 °C and in spite of any possible hazards, such as power cuts or adverse weather conditions, the so-called ‘thermo-static effect’ of ice enables consistent and accurate temperature control at all time. Therefore, icing fish is a secure way of sustaining the cold chain in all conditions – through distribution stages until retail.
    Cold air alone dries and damages the fish while ice keeps if fresh, moist, glossy and appetizing – ensuring a good market price.
    Make the Most of the Catch with Our Products
    The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates post-harvest losses in fisheries above 20 % of the total world catch. Well aware of this issue, FARASARD contributes to the development of sustainable fishery management by providing effective refrigeration solutions.
    The use of ice is paramount in the seafood industry, for pre-cooling fish on-board, as well as processing and packing on land. FARASARD plants provide ice in the most effective way. They conserve the perishable products and add value, hence making the most of the catch or harvest.
    Slurry ice provides the fastest pre-cooling from sea temperature to 0 °C. FARASARD flake ice is ideal for fresh fish packing and shipping. It offers key merchandising benefits. Laid on a white bed of ice seafood products look fresh and appetizing.
    - complete ice covering suitable for fish and shrimp
    - free flowing ice at all times for preserving fish and seafood.
    - The ice does not freeze together or form lumps in storage
    - Produces chip ice at temperature -0.5°C
    - capability to conserve ice in steel and plastic tanks for a long time.
    - Stainless or aluminum composite sheet coverage in different pattern
    - Low noise level while working
    - Suitable dimensions and sizes in limited spaces
    - Capacities varying from 200 kg per day and up
    - Guaranteed capacity in ambient temperature 30C and water temperature 20C
    - Ice storages are on demand
    - Saving time and money
    - Minimum investment costs, maximum efficiency
    - Made in iran
    - Can be controlled automatically or semi-automatically
    - Involve alarm system
    - Equipped with automatic breakers and electronic protection systems
    - Benefit from absolutely hygienic ice because of involving closed circuit, using proper filters and also utilizing anti-corrosion alloy and food grade stainless steel
    - After sales services and spare parts availability for at least 10 years.
    - Reduced depreciation

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