Flake Ice Machine

Flake Ice Machine

brand of ice machine


functiion of ice machine


Ice Shape


flake.jpg flake.jpg
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  • capacity (kg)

    [500-400000] ،

    operating type

    automatic ،

    ice size (mm)

    [5-12] ،

    body material

    galvanized plate ، stainless steel ،


    Industrial ،


    ability of choosing ice size ، Can be fitted to packaging machine ،

    color group

    white ، silver ، gray ،


    blade, fan and belt Warning ، with LCd display ،

  • Flake ice is small ice in flat pieces. It is used in cooling seafood, in meat processing and in a whole range of industrial processes. The classical flake ice of high quality is produced on refrigerated drums by spraying water onto the drum’s ice cold surface where it freezes immediately. After sub-cooling to -7 °C the ice is sheared from the surface by the ice removal tools and it falls out of the bottom of the ice maker into a refrigerated ice storage located below the ice plant. Advantages: • Flake ice has the highest surface area per ton of ice, providing a greater cooling efficiency than any other ice. • Short melting time by the use of flake ice compared to any other ice. • Shortest mixing times of the batching plant compared to any other ice as flake ice melts rapidly. • Due to the dryness, the cooling input of flake ice can be accurately calculated and its effects on the mixtures temperature are quickly apparent. • Flake ice is free flowing, its flakes remain crisp and do not stick together nor do they form blocks. • Easy to be stored and levelled inside a refrigerated ice storage with a fully automatic ice rake system. • Easy

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