Ice Bank for Milk Industries

Ice Bank for Milk Industries


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    ability to Multi-circuit with changes in dimensions of coils ، cold water supply with proper insulation ، completely sealed Plate ، Take control of circulation by the switchboard ، ability to seamlessly transport ، Constant water temperature during usage ، ability to storage ice when not using the device ، Charging with the least amount of refrigerant ،

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  • Ice Bank special for milk industries is a suitable technique for energy management in factories and stations of collecting milk. It has longer life than other similar (cooling) systems. Another advantage of this system is to ensure minimum cooling for one work day if there is any problem in cooling system. Systems manufactured in this company are in IB-* models with minimum capacity from 2m3 to 60m3 as assembled systems having all-galvanized tanks with stainless steel coating and very strong chassis and skeleton. This company is honored to construct and install different models of Ice Bank in most parts of Iran, especially in Hamedan, Khuzestan, Lorestan, Zanjan and other provinces which are milk producers. The company has achieved a higher position in Iranian milk industry through providing proper after sales services. Our experiences has proved that the best way to advertise IB-* Ice Bank systems is through introducing old customers to the new ones.

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