Industrial Chillers

Industrial Chillers

function of Vapor-compression chiller

screw scroll reciprocating

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  • condenser type

    air cooled ،

    condenser mounting

    apart from chiller ، integrated ،


    cooling ، heating-cooling ،

    condenser fan

    axial ، Centrifugal ، Blower ،

    shape of condenser coil

    V ، flat ،

    evaporator type

    Shell&Tube ، Shell&coil ، plate ،

    Expansion valve

    Thermostatic ، Electronic ،

    control type

    Wired Control ،


    indoor ، outdoor ،


    Low noise operation ، Without Vibration ، Can be connected to any cooling tower in accordance with the actual capacity chiller ، Internet connectivity and management and monitoring ، Planned in different languages ، Powered by expansion valve with MOP function ، Suitable for installation in indoor housing ، Easy access to components even when the device is switched ، No need for cooling towers ، Automatic intelligent control ،


    overload Cut-off mode ، BMS connection port ، current correction capacitors ، anti-frost Electric heater ، Compressor oil level sensor ، High and low refrigerant pressure display ، with clock board ،

    after sales service

    Warranty ، guarantee ، installation ،

  • Another product of this company is industrial chillers. It should be remembered that in air conditioner industry, chiller typically refers to especial water coolers with outlet temperature of +7°C, however, by industrial chiller we mean water cooler for non-air conditioning purposes, mainly used in industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, casting and plastic industries, which have many applications and are designed and manufactured in different capacities. Outlet temperature of chillers is normally lower than air conditioning chillers and it is possible to achieve temperatures below zero up to -40°C. Heat exchangers of industrial chillers are made in shell & tube models and made of steel, copper or stainless steel. They are also made as Plate Heat Exchanger and bare coil designed and manufactured based on the requirements of customers. Equipment applied in development of industrial chiller systems are obtained from the most credited brands and used in localizing the system considering convenient application and access with minimum space requirements.

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