Laboratories and hospitals

Laboratories and hospitals

model of ice machine


brand of ice machine


functiion of ice machine


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  • Ice Shape

    powder ،

    operating type

    automatic ، semi auto ،


    R404A ،


    cool air ، cool water ،

    compressor type

    hermetic ، semi hermetic ،


    on-of ، PLC ،


    1 ، 3 ،

    frequency (hz)

    50 ،


    Polyurethane ،

    body material

    stainless steel ، A.B.S ، plastic ،


    Commercial ، Industrial ،


    Full-bin stop ، Use of Pressure for pressure compressor ، ability of choosing ice size ، ice full alarming ،


    blade, fan and belt Warning ، Control panel ، with LCd display ، with automatic electric board ، with security sensors ، adjustable leveling legs ، cooling control system with expansion valve ، ice full alarming ،

    after sales service

    Warranty ، guarantee ، installation ،

  • Laborites, hospitals, chemical industry and pharmaceutical factories
    Several types of experiments and reactions require an ice bath in one or more of their steps. Laboratory ice makers are a convenient way to ensure the ice is there when it is needed. A laboratory ice maker can be useful in microbiology labs and for PCR. This machine produces the most appropriate and common type of ice using in laborites and clean rooms. Because of involving closed circuit, using proper filters and also utilizing anti-corrosion alloy the produced ice will be absolutely hygienic. The ice is capable to store in steel and plastic storages for a long time. The ice does not freeze together or form lumps in storage.
    - Always free-flowing ice - Granular ice has the ideal ice temperature of -0.5°C - Fast dispersal in mixing processes at an equal temperature - Stainless steel or aluminum composite sheet with varied designs - Low noise level while working - With appropriate dimensions and sizes in small spaces - Variable capacities from 50kg per day - Guaranteed capacity: in ambient temperature 30°C and water temperature 20°C - Minimum investment costs, maximum efficiency: short time return on investment (between 9 to 18 month) - Made in Iran - Can be controlled manually or automatically - Involve alarm system to aware if the tank is full or a problem occurs - Equipped with automatic breakers and electronic protection systems - Different sizes of storage are available 18 month guaranteed + Provide after-sales service and supply spare parts for at least 15 years

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