Multi-Stage Chillers

Multi-Stage Chillers

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  • Considering increasing needs of concrete industry for concrete cooling systems and based on the experiences and specialization in manufacturing cryogenic equipment, Farasard Company provides customized concrete cooling systems according to requirements of manufacturers and consumers with different capabilities. It is also important to note that as most of the projects are implemented in the hot climate of Iran, cooling concrete and its constituents will increase product quality and finally provide enough strength in the concrete structures. As concrete production is an exothermic process and considering its structure, diameter and low heat transfer coefficient, its outer part’s temperature decreases quickly and heat is trapped inside the concrete leading to its fracture and irrecoverable damages. So, cooling concrete and material in hot areas is necessary and design of cooling systems in concrete production process can play an important role. Generally, temperatures below +21°C is recommended in the tables for different scales of concrete during production and transportation. Different available and low cost coolers are required to achieve this temperature. So, considering the above points, it can be claimed that the art of state technology in the world in cooling concrete is using these special systems which provide cool water below +2°C in concrete construction and is capable of cooling supplementary materials and plasticizers of concrete through installing thermal converters, if required. Concrete Cooling System Concrete cooling system includes different components designed based on the capacity of batching plant, maximum placing of concrete during a day, and temperatures of the environment and the water used. This system consists of several parts including a special multi-stage chiller (based on the temperature of inlet water), tank chiller system and ice maker (if required), and sometimes includes storage tank and heat exchanger as well, based on the design involved. Design of cooling system provides maximum efficiency with minimum power consumption. The assembly of this system requires the least possible space and is in the form of an assembly in a conex. The best kind of condenser (evaporator condenser) is also used in this system which is consistent with conditions of concrete production stations. An advantage of this concrete cooling system is that it doesn’t require addition labor and most of the settings during the function of the plant is automatically set according to the necessary programming. Cooling of plants in the system is controlled by PLC system which can automatically determine necessary capacity of the batching. Different Stages of Water Colling Stage 1) the inlet water with maximum temperature of +45°C enters the evaporative condenser and is cooled during refrigerant condensation up to +35°C. Stage 2) water with temperature of +35°C enters especial chiller with high primary pressure and its temperature decrease close to +18°C. Stage 3) in this stage, water enters an especial chiller having medium pressure and is cooled up to +12°C to +10°C, then goes to the other stage. Stage 4) in final stage water enters an ice pond and leaves it with a temperature below +2°C then enters to storage tank. It should be noted that this package is capable of producing water in a capacity higher than required where +8 °C water entering to the other tank can be directed again to the cooling package to lower its temperature up to +1°C. Installing heat exchanger, concrete cooling system is capable of cooling concrete additives like plasticizers. This can be added to the system based on the order.

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