Pre-assembled Portable Cube Icemakers Model *-FI

Pre-assembled Portable Cube Icemakers Model *-FI

Ice Shape


operating type

semi auto


cool air

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  • compressor type

    semi hermetic ،


    hot gas ،


    on-of ، PLC ،

    body material

    galvanized plate ، stainless steel ،


    Commercial ، Industrial ،


    Use of Pressure for pressure compressor ، ability of choosing ice shape ، ability of choosing ice size ، ice full alarming ، Can be fitted to packaging machine ،

    color group

    white ، black ، yellow ، silver ، gray ،


    blade, fan and belt Warning ، Control panel ، The device has a sewage discharge ، with LCd display ، with automatic electric board ، with security sensors ، cooling control system with expansion valve ،

    after sales service

    Warranty ، guarantee ، installation ،

    manufacturer country

    Iran ،

  • A conventional ice maker plant in Iran is block ice maker and this company has been a major manufacturer of this product during last 30 years. This company received the first certificate of manufacturing block ice maker in 1990 from Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade, and produced this product together with chillers and ice bank. Considering consumption market and the widespread need for block ice, this company provides its products in 3 following models: • FI-A models with 12.5 kg blocks for medium and portable uses with capacity of 1800 kg per day • FI-B models with 15 kg blocks for major and hand-portable uses with capacity of 3200 kg per day • FI-C models with 25 kg blocks for major uses with capacity of 2500 kg per day All models are manufactured as pre-assembled and are easily portable with fast implementation (in a 1 or 2 days) which can operate in any area, especially hot areas. These plants are customized with different option based on the requirements of customers. Some options include: • Installation of special conex without requirement of a building (with capacity of 10 tons per day) • Development of full steel molds, body, and pond • Variation in capacity from 3kg to 40kg • Increase in the number of ice harvesting shifts from 2 to 3 shifts and using ice maker cryogenic system to chill ice storage room Plants of FI series are currently used in most parts of Iran.

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